Super Mario Run gets Superdata expecting the game to win $ 15 million

generate free coins super mario runSuperdata updated its projections today for Super Mario Run, saying it now the game is supposed to take between $ 12 million and $ 15 million in the first month. This is significantly less than the previous forecast of US $ 60 million in the first month.

Superdata said that the requirement of the game, it is still “invaluable,” adding that he expected Nintendo to lower the price of the operating income scheme after the holidays.

Based on preliminary figures and we see gaining consumer feedback, we are planning first Super Mario Run at the bottom of our forecast, about $ 12-15m in the first month, “he said. Online” is invaluable, and the game is still one Bit too dark on the phone to play fast. Finally, we expect Nintendo to announce a discount after the holidays, the momentum holds. ”

Super data do not say whether the projection of 30 million downloads changes in the first month. A report said today that Super Mario Run has been downloaded nearly 3 million times on the first day.

Updated: Runs Super Mario is already on the iOS App Store. You can download it here.

Original story: The next game for the Nintendo smartphones, Super Mario Run started today – and have great success, right in front of the door.

It seems that self-running, where you started Mario with one hand, while through the colorful environments filled with obstacles and enemies, started by 07:00 ET. We update this post later on the day it is officially released.

Superdata research firm said in a note that he expects Run Super Mario to reach about 30 million downloads and provide $ 60 million in the first week of the month. The company said the Go Pokemon well, but this game was simultaneously launched on iOS and Android. The Android version of Super Mario Run will come later but has not announced a specific release date.

Super Mario Run is free to download, but you must pay $ 10 to unlock everything it has to offer.

“After a long time defined by the lack of a clear mobile strategy, Nintendo entered the mobile games market at an appropriate time,” said Joost CEO Superdata Thumps in a statement. “Only when the market is filled a plentiful supply, the Japanese giant comes with a very visible.Más deductible outside Nintendo’s success, other publishers looking upwards to see if a $ 10 premium model will work in the next cell.”

He added, “The nostalgia factor plays a significant role in a generation of players at once, and finally able to play children one of its franchise offices in your phone, two weeks before the holiday.

Serkan Toto Super Mario Run is expected to reach 1 billion downloads “easy,” it is one of the most popular games in history. One million downloads is an unprecedented achievement in the world of mobile games, as Temple Run and Angry Birds have achieved this brand, but the primary distinction is important, and that this number is for several games in this franchise.